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HangTrack® - Over door clothes hanger

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Why Hang Track?

  Compatible with all hangers
  Lets you close your door while clothes hang on the other side!
  Low profile and inconspicuous (most people will never notice it!)
  Looks like mini crown molding
  Adds a touch of elegance to the door trim
  Installs in 30 seconds.
  Pressure sensitive double sided tape to adhere to top of door trim
  No tools required
  Made of eco-friendly plastic.
  Includes spare tape strips to relocate tracks in the future.

Hang Track is a clothes hanger holder for your door trim. It's so sleek you won't notice it. No tools are required to install it and it takes 1 minute to setup. Hang Track is the best alternative to bulky, ugly, inconvenient metal and plastic hooks and arms that hang or screw into your door. Hang Track looks like mini crown molding and adds a touch of elegance to your door trim. Nobody will have a clue what it's for! And it won't damage your trim and can be removed easily. Made from 100% recycled eco-friendly plastic.

Package includes: 6 8" long tracks. 3 per doorway. Three tracks go side by side to form a 24" track.