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Q: What is Hang Track?
A: Hang Track lets you use your existing door trim above the door to hang your dry cleaning, wet clothes, etc., but keeps them from falling off when you walk through the doorway or close the door.

Think of Hang Track as a rain gutter, but the tip of the hanger goes into the gutter preventing the hanger from moving off the trim and allows for easy sliding back and forth. It's only 1/4" high and looks like mini crown molding. When not in use, you'll forget it's there!

Q: Where do you install Hang Track?
A: on the very top of the doorway trim, where you normally rest your hangers.

Q: What holds Hang Track on the trim?
A: Very sticking double-sided tape comes pre-installed on the tracks. Simply peal and place the tracks on the top of the trim (of course, clean the top of your trim first).

Q: How do you remove them?
A: Use a razor blade between the trim and the bottom of the tape. 

Q: What colors do they come in?
A: Clear and white

Q: How much weight can they hold?
A: More shirts and dresses than you can fit on your doorway!

Q: Will I see the foam tape between the track and the trim?
A: No. The product has a lip on the bottom which conceals the tape under the trim. 

Q: Which side of the doorway does it go on?
A: Normally on the outside of the room to which the door opens. Doors typically open INTO a room. If the door opens INTO your laundry room, Hang Track goes on the outside of the room on the trim.

Q: How many doors does one package supply?
A: 2 doors. There are 6 tracks per package and 3 tracks per door.

Q: Will this work with those thick plastic hangers?
A: Yes. We have tested all hangers we could find. In fact, we angled the lip a bit to fit a few that have large fancy metal loops at the end of the hanger. 

Q: Is there extra tape in the package?
A: Yes. We supply 8 extra double-sided strips for relocating your tracks in the future.